And Now For Something Completely Different!

cape1As soon of my friends know, I’ve been grinding away on an upcoming series for Guild Wars Reporter and maybe MMOReporter as well. This afternoon after finishing up my 9th or 10th draft, I decided that I need to do something fun and funky. A very long time ago, I was glued to Guild Wars pretty much nonstop. I would jump on to our TeamSpeak server and play with my guildies, some are still present and some have moved on to other games in the verse. One of the things I jokingly did was create a prayer for instances. I would key up and run through the whole thing before a big instance to loosen the tension and get people some time to focus their thoughts. Not so long ago, I found the infamous Guild Wars binder that would be seen in tow with me as if it were a security blanket. It still has my most prized builds written in by hand and organized with construction paper dividers. I know this certainly shows a different side to my geek card that most of my family doesn’t even know about, but I felt it was time to release the silliness.

I now present to you, the unofficial Guild Wars Prayer.

Gods, let my monks heal swiftly and never be diversion’d.

Let my meteor shower fall on the target and not be late.

May all rezes be reusable.

Ecto and Shards for All.


P.S. Let Allies of mine trip and lag out when they drop their greens.

Hopefully it will bring a smile to the face of a fellow Guild Wars veteran. Please don’t take it offensively, we all thought it was just another hilarious situational joke that made the game more fun. Enjoy your day!


What do you think?

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