Lore Continuity

I’m not much of a lore monkey when it comes to lotro. When I was reading the books not so long ago it was around the same time that the skirmishes were offered up. I ran through Stand at Amon Sul and something was bothering me, there’s a cairn for one of the encounters. A cairn which is described as having a deceased occupant, and the books strictly state that there are no graves on Amon Sul. The encounter is “Defeat Gwathrengor” in your deed log in case you’re wondering. It may make for an short and terribly uninteresting post, but it’s been nagging at me for quite some time. I can understand making some allowances for creativity and the skirmish system. I really can, it’s just that this one particular instance bugs me.


3 thoughts on “Lore Continuity

  1. Do you think they would remove it because players complained or because they wanted to stay true to the lore?

    Few companies stay true to the lore… particularly if it means redoing something because they made a tiny mistake. The downside to going from book to game to movie…

  2. I understand the arguments for both sides of the coin here and I think lore is important. It defines the game! ..but is it really worth it to squabble about an instance that, on its own doesn’t make sense anyway? I mean instances are basically gauntlets to test your strength and survivability. Heck, if we wanted to get picky about it, I think once we die, we should stay dead. I bet the gaming community would LOVE that. 🙂

  3. There’s also probably not an auction house in Bree, either. I can’t say I’m too terribly much bothered by this one, although The distinction between barrows/not barrows would have been nice for them to keep, particularly with something that’s directly mentioned in the trilogy. Plus, why would you bury someone in a watchtower? Even with the absolute fall of Arthedain/Cardolan/Rhuadan, you’d still imagine they’d bury folks in barrows, not watchtowers. Perhaps the last watcher? /retcon

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