Container Gardening

A few months ago now, Ben and I started a kinda sorta container garden to refresh our tiny patio area. One of the things I loved about living in a house was having the outdoors available to you in whichever configuration you might choose. Living in an apartment for the past 5 years has made me miss playing with dirt. So we bought some plants, pots, and soil. This brought some fresh air and life to our patio. Now that the air is beginning to turn and we’ve kept them in for the first frost, I wanted to muse over my lovelies that will probably not make it through the coming Winter.

We started off with some seeds and some smaller plants to get us going. Seeds were basil, thyme, cilantro, oregano and garlic. Trial and error led to the oregano never sprouting and the thyme being, well, a waste of time. Under or over watering was probably the cause for both failures. The lavender, spearmint, and tea plant were already well into growing when we purchased them. Yes, tea plant. Camellia Sinensis is the basis for all of the tea leaves used in brewing, granted we won’t have a viable “harvest” for years, but we’re enjoying the tiny blooms and flowers for now. We’ve draped the lavender over an old vine form of a turtle that we found, it’s resisting, but I think it may end up covering it eventually. Spearmint was a pretty impulsive purchase, I thought Ben read the tag and we were getting regular mint for a mojito party. Or I didn’t read the tag, either way it’s very fragrant but I have no use for it.

I’m really enjoying just having some life when I look out my window, even though I’m now addicted to the weather report. All of the plants have to come in if it drops below freezing as a result I find myself compulsively checking my Bing bar for updated weather forecasts throughout the day. Hopefully I won’t forget one night and be stuck with snow covered cilantro in a pot. That would be really depressing and not tasty at all.


1 thought on “Container Gardening

  1. Yesyesyes, I grabbed the wrong mint plant. But there’s no denying the air outside smells.. fresher. 🙂

    Just wait until I get my little hydroponic window planter project going.. If it works out, then Ill set up one on a larger scale for some fresh salad greens.

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