Time sink

I’m not a fast knitter, put me in a car with nothing else to do and yes I will knit quickly. I don’t know why but apparently watching television distracts me from my knitting, even though I can do most simple patterns with my eyes closed. One thing I can’t do is crochet. No matter how many times I look at the training videos or read the books I get tangled up after you make a chain. Unfortunately this means I can’t make cute amigurumi that I love. Thankfully, there’s plenty of patterns out there that have been adapted for or made specifically for knitters. My next big endeavor is to make two TARDIS’ before Christmas. Or maybe New Year, we’ll see. I don’t know how many people have finished the pattern, but I really hope I can get moving on it while I’ll be in the car for Thanksgiving. Twenty hours round trip ought to be enough to at least make a good dent in one of them. I plan on keeping the first one for my family, mostly because I’m sure it’ll be the worse of the two. The second will be for a good friend over the internets who probably doesn’t read my blog. So hopefully it will remain a surprise!

I’ll be updating periodically with parts made and construction, I managed to get the two lights done while my son took over my computer last night. It’s looking like with a set of size 7 needles this thing will be at least 6-8inches tall. Hopefully the stitching will be tight enough to hold in all the stuffing and not get “holey” over time. I’ve also learned the strange technique of switching colors while knitting, which I’ve done before but not on a scale like the pattern describes, thankfully I won’t be worrying about what the “wrong side” looks like since it will be on the inside of a plush.

If someone who reads this blog can provide me with a really good video about how to crochet it would be awesome. I wholly and truly suck at it.


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