Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad 1

In between grocery shopping you’ll find that almost all your vegetables are about to turn at the same time. If you’re not willing to stand over a hot stove and make soup, you can always make a nice Salad from them. Unfortunately my lettuce bit the dust a few days so I decided to crack open a can of Cooked Chicken Breast and make a quick lunch. Of course I use what I have available to me but you can always substitute in whichever ingredients you wish.

Chicken Breast – 16oz shredded

Celery – 2 stalks chopped chunky

Carrot – chopped up coarsely

Green Onion – 3 or 4 chops worth, maybe 2 tablespoons

Ground Black Pepper & Celery Salt – this is purely on preference, I’ve used this combination for a few years, it’s just what tastes best in my opinion.

Dressing – Usually I use Miracle Whip and up until this point in the ingredient list, it’s a very healthy salad. You could use Light Mayonnaise or regular, depending on your tastes. I also add a touch of Honey Dijon Mustard, mostly because it adds a punch of flavor that complements the fresh vegetables.

Chicken Salad 2

That’s all it takes! It’s as simple as a few ingredients thrown in a bowl and swished around a bit. If you’re not a fan of bread you could always plate it out onto a lettuce leaf this works especially well for bentos where bread can get mushy over time. Here we have the finished sandwich, kiddo ate his with some baked French fries and I threw mine together with some pretzel sticks and a string cheese. At the end it may not have been much healthier than eating some bologna or something but at least it was good!


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