Humbling Pattern Difficulty

Now I know what it means when the pattern says “Advanced Expert Difficulty,” which loosely translates to “don’t freaking bother.” Case in point: Burda 8186. Yes, I’ve been sewing for about 3 months and attempted to make a suit jacket. Now I know that only the most experienced seamstress can master a suit jacket. It was monumentally stupid of me. I also managed to do with the following items only in under a week.

3.5yds Black Broadcloth

3yds Blue Lining

4yds Fusible Interfacing

1 ironing board & Iron

1 IKEA drop-leaf table

Area of floor… To cut out on. (6×4)


I’ve already told Ben that I’m suspending all major sewing projects until I get a table or at least a cutting mat that will be big enough to make a suit on.


But on to the project: BurdaStyle #8186. I was trying to make View B, which looks like a basic blazer with some classic details. In the end, it came out looking like View A mostly because of some funky measurements and conversions (don’t ask). I’ll admit, there was some procrastination in there, along with some super stress due to familial issues outside our house. I also gravely underestimated Advanced Expert level. I did however manage to finish the pattern enough for it to go out in public at least. Which means, no buttons or buttonholes, a missing pocket, and some basting when it came to the lining.

hgqkb - CopyThe finished project (to the left) looks good from far away but has some major flaws up close. It needed pressing in the morning when I went to bed, so I fell into bed with it looking quite sloppy. Apparently that didn’t phase Ben because when I arrived at lunchtime for the potluck it looked just as bad as when I fell asleep LOL.

Ben actually helped me quite a bit to decipher the instructions. They had apparently gone through 3 or 4 translators as they made little to no sense in English. But we muddled through it and managed to get it going properly. The fit isn’t actually bad, it just doesn’t look right for some reason. Not bad for an intermediate seamstress!


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