Portal Cake Attempt #1

So @HelloNurse20 said she was going to be baking this afternoon. In response I had a Pavlovian reaction and thus had to bake as well. I’d been wanting to attempt the Portal Cake, after all it doesn’t look that complicated. It’s a base cake of 2-3 layers in a round with some frosting, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and cherries. Oh, don’t forget the candle! In-game pics here:


Icon, picture, whatever. It’s a black forest cake without the pretty chocolate leaves. I figured it couldn’t be that bad to try to make. I started off with the same Bishop’s Cake base. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate so I decided to make it light on that at least. I managed to get two thin 8” rounds with the batter I mixed up so in and out within 30 minutes. Even with that short time I managed to char the edges 😦 But that’s completely fixable, so no worries. Then I made a super fudge filling/frosting because it seemed way too easy. Just don’t look at the wall next to where I was mixing. It just plain flew when I started the handmixer. Cleaned up the wall and got back to mixing lightly. It’s fairly tasty, but I prefer granulated frosting versus powdered sugar kind apparently. News to me!

Anyhoo… Shredded some Baker’s Chocolate Semi-Sweet and tried to apply to the cake. It didn’t work out too well, in fact a lot of it managed to just melt on my fingers, which made for a tasty treat for Kiddo. No cherries, no heavy cream, no candle. I now present the incomplete and failing Portal Cake.



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