LOTRO Reporter Repost – Just Keep Plucking Your Lute!

Reposted here is my guide to take Minstrels from levels 50 to 60ish, The Minstrel Column is published every Tuesday morning at http://www.lotroreporter.com.

We’ll be picking up exactly where we left off week before last. Another one of the legendary traits you can pick up for yourself is Master of Tales which is acquired through finishing books 1-6 for The Mines of Moria. Master of Tales is pretty helpful, I think it makes the Tales skills more viable while grouping. It combines and creates new toggle skills from your existing skills; Tale of Heroism and Tale of Warding are combined to create Tale of Warding and Heroism. This gives you an increase to Hope, Will, Fate, and Armour rating. Secondly, it improves Tale of Frost and Flame to give you Tale of Frost and Flame’s Battle which gives you a bonus to Vitality, Frost Mitigation, Fire Mitigation, and Wound Resistance. You can also gain a legendary trait from becoming Kindred with the Iron Garrison Guards. Which will then allow you to purchase and read the book “The Versus of the North.” This will give you access to Call to War which raises your critical effect chance while using your War-speech only skills.

Getting back on track to the task at hand, if you’ve managed to get through your class quests than you’ve certainly gotten to 60 to do it. At which point you should be on the other side and heading to Mirkwood to get up to your maximum level of 65. If you manage to get bored or frustrated whilst playing in Mirkwood, may I suggest doing some skirmishes or some deeds? Getting the ones you love up to 10 will help you along tremendously.

Let’s go ahead and jump into the Skills available to you during the final levels.

52 Improved Herald’s Strike A vast improvement over the regular Herald’s Strike, this will now give you a 10% Incoming Healing Modifier and remove Corruption effects.
54 Improved Cry of the Chorus This changes your Cry of the Chorus to break silence and give you an immunity to the condition for a short period along with all the regular bonuses from the original.
56 Call to Fate War-speech only skill that has a High Crit chance.
58 Tale of Frost and Flame Increases Fellowship’s Frost and Fire Mitigation ratings
60 Soliloquy of Spirit Mobile healing! SoS is a heal over time (HoT) that can be used on yourself or allies and can be cast while you are on the run.
62 Chorus of Restoration Song of Restoration but it works on your entire fellowship at once
64 Lyric of the Hammerhand This lyric enables you to take damage from your Power instead of Morale and prevents damage from interrupting your skill Inductions. Stuns and Knockdowns will interrupt the lay.

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