LOTRO Reporter Repost – Level 30-40

Reposted here is my guide to take Minstrels from levels 30 to 40ish, The Minstrel Column is published every Tuesday morning at http://www.lotroreporter.com.

Personally, I’d prefer to level a bit by skirmishing, as 30-35 normally go very quickly if you’re skirmishing. Since I don’t usually run War-speech, I really enjoy doing it during skirmishes and that’s why I’m in love with my Bannerguard. He/she offers minimal healing and a fairly good threat rating to allow me to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. Other soldiers I’ve tried have been Protector, Archer, and Herbalist. The best advice I can give on choosing a role for your minstrel’s soldier is to decide on whether you want to War-speech or not. Secondly, if you’re going to be a group player or solo when it comes to skirmishing. With a lot of time spent in skirmishes, you will probably have enough marks to toss at having both of those situations covered.

If skirmishing isn’t your idea of a good time, you can always go through Dol Dínen area of North Downs. If even that is too much action, may I recommend Oatbarton and into Evendim? The quests deeper into Evendim may make you want to bang your head against a wall, but the experience is pretty solid. Also when you’ve decided to give up ‘Tomb of Elendil’ you can make your way north and begin to make friends withForochel, a.k.a. The Winter Wonderland. Before you head up there, try to be at least 39 and have all of your ‘books’ open. You can purchase them at your trainer. In no particular order they are ‘Melodies of the Valar,’ ‘The Rising Chord,’ and ‘Valour’s Marches.’ For all of these ‘books,’ you’ll find the first 4 pages in either Angmar or Eregion. The second half of the pages can be found in Misty Mountains or Forochel. You may end up going back and forth trying to find them. Try to go after Humanoid-type monsters, as they’ll be most likely to drop them.

Here’s a look at the new skills you’ll have available to you during levels 30-40.

32 Ballad of Flame A tier 3 Ballad that gives your fellowship a resistance to fire, very specialized and very rarely worth while.
32 Tale of Battle You’re first alternative to Tale of Heroism, this toggle skill offers a bonus to Vitality and wound resistance.
34 Song of Distraction A very stunted version of a sneak skill, in-combat mobs aren’t eligible.
34 Call of the Second Age War-speech enabled skill only.
36 Ballad of the Stout A tier 2 ballad that damages your foes and gives you a bonus to all resistance ratings.
36 Mentor : Cowbell Teach someone to play the cowbell!
38 Chord of Salvation Instant(ish) heal for an ally only, this heals for approximately 700 morale in the upper levels.
38 Still As Death Fake your own death for a short period! This skill is going to become your friend very quickly. It makes aggro break almost instantly, giving you a chance to recover from a bad situation.
40 Anthem of the Valar An anthem that does AoE light damage to your foes. This will of course reset your ballad counter.
39+ Rally! Melodies of the Valar Legendary Deed: In-combat rez with a 25 minute base cool down.
39+ Song of the Hopeful Heart The Rising Chord Legendary Deed: Temporarily reduces dread in an area. Practically useless since the Hope token revamp.
39+ Anthem of the Wizards Valour’s Marches Legendary Deed: Slows your enemies movement speed for a maximum of 3 targets within your AoE bubble.

Join me next week when I’ll be running through Eregion and skirmishing like mad! Rubywing can also be found on her personal blog, where she rambles on in the third person!


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