Adventures In Sewing – Kiddo’s shirts

lap shouldered

Thoroughly Disappointing Shirt

My mum was supposed to come visit me this week (Hi Mom~!). Things got a little crazy so that didn’t actually happen. But I did manage to barrel through getting all my sewing done so I could put away my machine and have a dining table again. I still can’t see my dining table but I am able to show off a good set of clothes. You remember that pattern set I was going to make? Well I was going to make the lap shouldered shirt, but I had to scale it up again, just like I had done with the jumper. Only this time I was trying to scale it up less than I had previously. This did NOT work. Just plain doesn’t work. The shirt hangs off of both his shoulders and is just fail. He hates that he has to fuss with it to get it stay on him. I actually pulled it down and it comes down a good 4 inches all the way around him. It’s bad! I told myself I didn’t want anymore fail, so I sketched out a pattern from a shirt that he loves dearly. It’s a Garanimals blue sleeveless shirt size 24M, so I figured it would be perfect to copy since it’s just his size already and I had a LOT of leftover white stretch knit. So with 1-1/2yd I made 3 copies(one of which is in the wash and thus not pictured) and that lap shouldered P.O.S.

To the right is a picture of the original shirt, he actually has the plain one in the background which made my life a little easier I think. I don’t have any of the fancy t-shirt edging, so I made due and just tried to seam it up as best I could. Since I didn’t have any of that wonderfully stretchy edging, I decided to assemble it a little differently. I chose to leave one shoulder loose with a button since my son has a enormous head. I wanted to use up the buttons leftover from the romper, so I resigned myself to fighting with my “1-Step Buttonhole” stitching option on my weird sewing machine. Unsurprisingly it only has a few reviews online, surprising however is the one review I found where someone said the buttonhole function was ‘excellent.’ I wonder if Brother is guilty of editing their own wikipedia page as it were… I can tell you, I’ve had this machine for about 3 months. I’ve gotten to the point of having to take it apart to clean out threads and fabric that it’s physically sucked in. It actually smoked a tiny bit last week, so I left it alone for a few days. I never want to anger the sewing gods, but apparently I had done them some terrible wrong.


Lots of shirts! Original is on the left

 I could take pictures of the endless amount of buttonholes attempted, but instead I’ll focus on the shirts I did manage to make. One of which was from one of my favorite t-shirts, one that no longer fits, but I didn’t want to toss out. So I cut out all the seams and made it into something new for my baby boy. I ended up making the front of the shirt be free area and had the folds go to the back on all of the shirts. Here’s the back view so you can have a better idea of what I mean. Of course, after I’d already taken 3 days to get the buttonholes done decently, I realized I could’ve used the leftover snaptape from the jumper (WA wa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah).


Back of the shirt where the button and overlap occurs


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