LOTRO Reporter Repost – Let’s Get Classy, Minstrels!

Reposted here is my guide to the class quests for levels 45-60. The Minstrel Column is published every Tuesday morning at http://www.lotroreporter.com.

I wanted to jump in and get you going all the way up to the current maximum level of 65. Then I started compiling all the content together and I slowly but surely realized that 50-65 has a HUGE amount of content when it comes to class specific quests along with all the regular quests you’ll run into along the way. Generally, you’ll be leveling in Moria. The deep dark dank is certainly not the most picturesque locale. Something I’ve found terribly helpful during my time there is your ‘lantern’ activated by pressing Alt F10. It makes the run feel a bit more realistic, if that’s the term I’m truly searching for. Aside from doing the basic sets of quests (read: bare minimum), I avoid Moria like the plague. My goal is to attempt running through to the Exit Sign as soon as Elvenly possible(terrible joke—sorry!). Lothlórien is just more laid back, despite the reputation gate that every first timer finds out about the hard way. Pro tip: Avoid the pretty gates until you’re an Acquaintance with Galadhrim. Let’s not stray too far, I’m going to run through the class quests I brushed under the rug quite quickly last week.

I was re-reading my post to see what I had covered and I was underwhelmed with my coverage for Articles of Harmony and Implements of Song. I thought it would be best to run through the sets and where to find them. You won’t need the quest to collect these items either, so you can theoretically farm for them at any time. Disclaimer: the amount listed of each item may be wrong as I didn’t collect this information personally.

Set # Area Beast Item Need
1 Angmar Tarkrîp (near Turtles) Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-plate 5
1 Angmar Narglup Narglup’s Blunted Tooth 1
1 Misty Mountains Rock-worm Chipped Rock-worm Fang 12
1 Misty Mountains Snowbeast Matted Snowbeast-fur 12
2 Angmar Worm Clouded Worm Eye 20
2 Angmar Slug/Leech Corrosive Droplets 5
2 Angmar Bat Grisly Bat Talon 5
2 Angmar Wight Revered Wight Remains 15
2 Angmar Warg Splintered Warg Claw 15
3 Angmar – Urugarth Morthrâng Emblem of Ritual 1
3 Angmar – Urugarth Akrûr Goblin Badge of Rank 1
3 Angmar – Carn Dûm Târlug Ashen Gorthorog Horn 1
3 Angmar – Carn Dûm Mormoz or Azgoth Rune of Winged Dominance 1

The Path of the Watcher of Resolve points you towards a new Minstrel master trainer in The Foundations of Stone. Of course this quest arc starts off with a self-titled quest that will take you from your usual Minstrel trainer to Pada in Shadows Refuge. The following quest (Triumphant Spirit) has you slay Shîk to recover some apparently wonderful and ancient bagpipes. So of course you’ll need the appropriate music, enter Echoes of Battle where you’ll need to go kill Snapjaw in the Redhorn Lodes. Naturally, the sheet music is simply ruined. While Pada transcribes it you’ll want to go cheer up her old friend Erling Goodbody for Song of the Hopeful Heart. Now that you’ve gotten the new text, Pada will send you out to Skûmfil. She wants you to summon Cracktooth at an Ancient Altar and slay him using your new song(A Fellowship’s Heart). Sounds easy enough, right? Let me just insert here that this final quest in the line can be particularly hard to find a group for in the usual PUG manner. I’ll be honest, at level 65, I still haven’t found a group for it on Firefoot. It’s on my list of things to find time and a group for. For all your trouble during the quest arc, the main reward is the legendary trait A Fellowship’s Heart. Fellowship’s Heart is a great skill! It cures fear effects, grants a temporary immunity to fear, AND performs a HoT for the whole fellowship. The bother seems to be entirely worth it, that is if you’ve ever healed anyone with your Minstrel. Cue eye-rolling.

Join us next time! Rubywing can be found infrequently at her individual blog, where she’s currently underwhelmed by “1-step Buttonhole Functions.”


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