LOTRO Reporter Repost – Longest Levels 40-50

Reposted here is my guide to take Minstrels from levels 40 to 50ish, The Minstrel Column is published every Tuesday morning at http://www.lotroreporter.com.

As I was writing this post, I found myself stumbling, because really there’s too many places you can choose from to get your character to ding in that upper 40’s range. The earlier levels however were pretty tricky in the past. Since the inception of the skirmish system, these levels can be easily ‘ground’ with the cycle of all the skirmishes available, everyday. It may seem monotonous but you can always switch between a few characters and keep yourself from burning out. To me, the levels between 40 and 50 are the most agonizing, so having plenty of alts to cycle through is fantastic.

Here’s the very long list of places you can go to level for 45+. Forochel can get you to 50 flat in very little actual playtime, riding back and forth between the outposts however, does take WAY too long. Angmar can be pretty dreary, but it gets the job done slowly. Misty Mountainsused to be pretty terrible, but now with the new Horse Stable locations, it can be a viable option. If you’re a completionist, it is advisable to be in a fellowship for that particular zone. I’m not sure if most people would agree, but the quests through Echad Candelleth (Tal Bruinen of Trollshaws) will get you very close to 47/48. This lines you up perfectly to get started in Eregion and working with your first Legendary Weapons. Which as a Minstrel, you’ll be going through a TON of them to get the legacies that are necessary for your play style. I should say that all of the classes will be going through a lot of LI’s but that’s a whole other post of ‘Things that Need to be Fixed.’ After I’ve played through the whole game once, I feel like I’m able to skip some areas if I can. I’m just not wired to complete the game 7 or 12 times depending on the number of ‘alts’ I’ve got. Since the Enedwaith expansion appears to be offering up Deeds purchasing through with Turbine Points, that makes my non-completionist life even easier.

During this level period, you’ll be given your 45-50 class quests, most of the items needed can be gathered with the last of your pages. Angmar and Misty Mountains will be the primary locations for these paticular drops. If you plan on collecting them early, my best advice is to get at least one partner in crime to help you along ;).

I don’t have much to say about the skills you get between these levels, mostly because they’re just not skills I use very often. Irresistible Melody isn’t even a real skill, it’s a forced emote for those nearby you!

42 Lay of the Hammerhand Toggle this skill to take damage to your power rather than your morale.
44 Tale of Warding Toggle skill that offers a bonus to Hope and Armour rating.
46 Call to the Fellowship This skill increases bonuses from various fellowship maneuvers.
48 Gift of the Hammerhand A very brief version of Lay of the Hammerhand for an fellowship member.
50 Irresistible Melody Force all peoples around you to dance briefly.
50 Call to Greatness This skill is kind of weird. It does something different for each class, second half of the lorebook page details what the effect is for each.

Join us next week when I’ll be lamenting the darkness of Moria and welcoming the respite Lothlorien has to offer. Rubywing can also be found at her personal blog where she doesn’t have much to say at all!


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