Maybe I’m just Old?

I’ve been thinking about @ICptJackSparrow’s post over at Replay Project. More and more it’s seeming to me like I’ve become an old codger that just thinks there’s lots of things just wrong with the youths of today. I’m not sure if it’s just my lifestyle (I live like I’m 40) or if the kids really are worse than they were 7 years ago when I graduated. Some of the kids in my life I actually knew 7 years ago. Some of them were just tickled pink when they would whisper the basic cuss words amongst friends and were content with they’re innocent lifestyle. Now I’m being the cool person by taking them to Planned Parenthood and the hard-ass that wants their parents to discipline them more. I’ve seen a child in my life simply throw everything away, with no regards for the consequences. They’ve burned bridges with blood-relatives that have done nothing but treat them well.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen some kids learn from the other and seem to come back into shape from whatever e-bawlz contest they were playing a month ago. Maybe some kids just grow up to be inherently self-entitled manipulators, and maybe some of them see what the elder is leaving behind.


What do you think?

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