Modern Convenience?

hulu-logo netflixThis afternoon I was in a mood to watch some television. My first thought was to catch up on Naruto Shippuden, bad luck there, I was already caught up as far as Hulu was concerned so I resolved to wait until release date. Then I remembered that one of my favorite movies of all time was on the Hulu frontpage a few weeks ago. Let’s watch High Fidelity. Nope. It’s been removed, oh well. Let’s check on Netflix, it’s not on Instant Play, darn it. Well, wait, didn’t I have that on dvd forever ago? I casually turned in my chair and read through the titles and lo, there it was, happily waiting in its case for me. I find myself glad that I still had an ‘analog’ version of my movie to watch whenever I please. The fact that I didn’t go to my movie shelf straight away is a sign of the times, and the availability and convenience of digital media. I love it. I find it a little strange but I still love the times I live in. You know, as far as digital media… Cue Jack Black singing Let’s Get it On…

One thought on “Modern Convenience?

  1. Yes, but the problem with digital media like Hulu or Netflix instant watch (or Zunepass for that matter) is licensing and grumpy publishers. Why can’t I watch ANY old movie or listen to ANY song already broadcasting via FM?! Otherwise, the digital age is WONDERFUL! I love B&N ebooks, games on Steam, GOG or LIVE, music via Zunepass, and movies via Netflix and Hulu! Now I hear Redbox is going streaming, too!

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