Modern Convenience?

hulu-logo netflixThis afternoon I was in a mood to watch some television. My first thought was to catch up on Naruto Shippuden, bad luck there, I was already caught up as far as Hulu was concerned so I resolved to wait until release date. Then I remembered that one of my favorite movies of all time was on the Hulu frontpage a few weeks ago. Let’s watch High Fidelity. Nope. It’s been removed, oh well. Let’s check on Netflix, it’s not on Instant Play, darn it. Well, wait, didn’t I have that on dvd forever ago? I casually turned in my chair and read through the titles and lo, there it was, happily waiting in its case for me. I find myself glad that I still had an ‘analog’ version of my movie to watch whenever I please. The fact that I didn’t go to my movie shelf straight away is a sign of the times, and the availability and convenience of digital media. I love it. I find it a little strange but I still love the times I live in. You know, as far as digital media… Cue Jack Black singing Let’s Get it On…


1 thought on “Modern Convenience?

  1. Yes, but the problem with digital media like Hulu or Netflix instant watch (or Zunepass for that matter) is licensing and grumpy publishers. Why can’t I watch ANY old movie or listen to ANY song already broadcasting via FM?! Otherwise, the digital age is WONDERFUL! I love B&N ebooks, games on Steam, GOG or LIVE, music via Zunepass, and movies via Netflix and Hulu! Now I hear Redbox is going streaming, too!

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