Crafting Updates

I had a few dozen patterns lying around most of which weren’t terribly inspiring. I did think that this one in particular might have some promise if I managed to scale it up properly. I decided to make the jumper/romper, without the bear face applique, and turn them into shorts. The pattern was already half-lined so I thought it would make the perfect summertime all-in-one romper. The sizing for L was up to an 18mos, so I tried to scale it to a 2T and ended up with something more like a 3-1/2T. I realized mid-project that it’s actually the first thing I’ve done all by myself, so I guess it’s okay! Since it is so oversized, it’s turned into his daytime clothing during the week. I hope to make a few more of them, but the time factor is seriously crunched now that Summer is in full swing.

I’ve had a sewing machine for a few months, but didn’t have the extra scratch or time to do anything with it. Now the time is over, let the summer of sewing begin! I’ve got a lot of little projects in the line-up with a couple of posts coming straight down the pipes. So be prepared for a twitter flood over the next few days cataloging it all. That is if I’m not lost in the game, trying to get Rubybarb up to 30 in time for my post next Tuesday.

Kiddo claps for at home clothes!

Kiddo claps for at home clothes!


Here’s a snapshot of Kiddo going crazy over his new-ish jumper. The fabric has a green on green animal pattern that changes directions, so it was perfect for this project especially since I ended up mixing up the grain direction for the lining. The snap tape actually made me break a needle, so that was fun. I got lucky that nothing flew around the room; I sew without my glasses.  It did however make me very glad that my machine came with some extra needles. I also made some grocery bags out of an old sheet on the same day, directions for that are here. I still have some ready to be sewn but I ran out of handle material (some plain white webbing) and time. Even unlined the bags hold 6-8 regular sized cans reliably. Old sheet repurposing is pretty awesome. I don’t even know how I managed to have a king sized flat sheet :/

While riding down to Corpus Christi this past weekend I managed to finish my wristwarmers, which have been on the needles for probably 3 months. It’s hard to finish knitting projects when you have so many distractions at home. Quickie post of them is at, which if you knit or crochet HAS to be in your project management toolbox. The site is amazing and has more free patterns than you can imagine. for the finished wristwarmers, I also started another set in green for my mom since her school’s colors are green and gold.

Look forward to more crafty posts during the rest of the Summer!


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