Lemon Cake!

So I’m baking a cake, well really, I’m baking 2 cakes. Today I’m trying out a combination of recipes so I can make sure that it’ll be really good when I make Cake Lady’s birthday cake. I was told she liked lemon cake and buttercream frosting. My test cake will be taken to my Mother-in-law’s July 4th party, but I’ll probably try a bite out of the cake tops to make sure it’s tasty. Last thing I need is to bring a bad cake to a party!

From River Road Recipes, I’ll be making the Bishop’s Cake. River Road Recipes was published by the Junior League in Baton Rouge, Louisiana so rest assured these recipes are definitely crowd pleasing. I’ve got the 34th printing and I believe my mom has an even earlier one. The cake supposedly is an old-fashioned pound cake recipe and should make the whole experience very rich. I’ll be doing these in 9″ rounds.

From The Lily Wallace New American Cook Book, I’m taking the Lemon Cream Filling (#3163) which has been copied verbatim to several recipe websites. It’s a basic lemon cream, I was considering using a pudding but felt that there should be more fluff for the center. This cookbook is a 1946 printing and would be crazy expensive to replace, it’s also referred to as the ‘Magic Green Book’ in my house. Anything you ever wanted to make is in this behemoth of a book. Along with squirrel stews, which you probably don’t want to make.

Then the buttercream, which I’m not particularly fond of. I took too many Wilton cake decorating classes, so the taste is ingrained in my OMG-I-ATE-TOO-MANY-CAKES one summer. Well, none of my cookbooks have a recipe for the frosting, only icings and shortcut frostings, so to the internet we go! I found this little lovely on RecipeZaar, the reviews are what convinced me, along with the fact that it uses real butter rather than synthetic stuff.

Here we have the cakes, all magically made and wonderful!
Surprisingly tiny cake
Yseangwen insists we should’ve put some lemon slices around it or embellished it at least a little, but I think the taste of the cake is what’s important. The crowd was fairly approving, half the cake was gone within a few minutes of the first cut!
cake splodey!
Tomorrow night, I’ll be making another less experimental cake. I’ve decided to double the recipe and do some 13×9 for Cake Lady’s office birthday cake, that way there will surely be enough for everyone. I’ll try to take a picture of the finished product on Tuesday as well.


3 thoughts on “Lemon Cake!

  1. Please oh please may I have the recipe for the lemon cake mentioned in your blog? Is the best recipe for Lemon Cake you’ve encountered one from Lily Wallace? Many thanks, Selena

  2. Guess I need the Lily Wallace Lemon Cream recipe…the Bishop’s Cake recipe, and your link gave me the Lemon Buttercream Icing recipe. I sure hope you give out the recipes, this sounds great! Thanks, Selena

  3. EEP! Sorry I just noticed your comments today. I’m not sure if the recipe is still under copyrights, but I think it’s fairly safe to share here… Lemon Cream Filling is from the 1946 Lily Wallace New American Cookbook. Bishop’s Cake is taken from River Road Recipes(1959-75) and was contributed by Mrs James H Hueguet.
    Lemon Cream: 1 beaten egg yolk, 1/2c Sugar, 2Tbsp cornstarch, 1/4c Lemon juice, 1/8tsp lemon zest, 1/2Tbsp butter. Combine yolk, sugar, cornstarch, 1/2c water, juice, and zest. Cook 15 min over hot water, stirring frequently. Add butter & allow cool.
    Bishop’s: 2 sticks butter, 2c sugar, 5 eggs, 1Tbsp Lemon Juice, 1tsp vanilla, 2c sifted cake flour. Cream butter and sugar. Add Eggs, juice, and vanilla beat well. Add flour. Bake in Angle food cake pan that has been greased and floured for 1hr15min in 325′ oven. Cool before removing from pan. (For two 9″ rounds, 40min is what it took in my oven.)

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