Knock ‘em out

So last weekend I decided to make it a moral imperative to at least get one of the Guild pages up to snuff on the lorebook. Seems like lorebook has been taking over my play time and so far, I’ve not been suffering over it.

The past couple of weeks in-game have been pretty boring.Aside from grinding during the recent Welcome Back Weekend, all I’ve been doing is skirmishes. Everyday. I’ve been crafting my supreme patterns and doing the daily skirmishes with my Rune-keeper (Caerulean). By doing the later (at least), I’ve managed to get to 43 with only a couple of Rivendell quests mixed in all the way from 30. My plan to set a timer on my phone for doing the daily tailoring patterns hasn’t been working out so well. The past week Kiddo has been a handful. In fact, he’s awake and pretending to read a book whilst snuggled in my lap right now. So I don’t have as many patterns as I’d like but I’ve almost got enough to craft that August of the Golden Wood set, which will be awesome for Ysea. Unfortunately, I have to get through Moria and Lothlorien to be able to buy the recipes. The plan is that as soon as I hit 48 I’ll run to Echad Dunann and hopefully (*fingers crossed*) get through to Moria, then a port from the entrance to 21st and more running through to 1st Hall and the exit. If I’m lucky I’ll get out at probably 55ish. Considering I went to Lothlorien the first time around at about 57, I think I may be able to swing 55 on Caerulean. I wasn’t as good a player then. I think. I hope I’ve gotten better. Hope?

Twitter was all aflame last weekend over the Free to Play switch, like one of the crying masses I immediately read all the information and typed up a post regarding my initial reactions to the news. My my.lotro blog doesn’t exactly get hits, so I’ll sum up and then add some additional opinions that have formed. ‘The sky might be falling, but we won’t really know until we see it adapted in the fall.’ I maintain that view, but I started thinking about all the great things that I really do LOVE about lotro. Most of them don’t really involve the game. I love the ability to use the my.lotro blogging tool, the cheesy lotteries, and the jerkface-free community (mostly).  I haven’t really looked into the first two possibly going away for those who switch to ‘premium’ accounts, which I may do depending on how this whole thing works out. I really would be disappointed if the community changed to something that earned me 5 /tell’s as soon as I login about cybering or asl. If that’s the case, I’ll have to beg lotro to make all my characters male and I’ll just have them wear all my pretty dresses (wardrobe feature, I’m talking to YOU!). The one night I tried out Creeping, I noticed that most of the people there (at least on Firefoot) were pretty much griefers, turned me off to it almost instantly.

I did however play for an additional hour or so where someone decided to chase after me and kill me (rather viciously) when I was just trying to get a noob quest done :(. Not my cup of tea, but then again, I was just getting bored with my characters and wanted to try something new and what had been categorized as ‘fun’ by some other players. Personal interpretation: It’s fun if you’re high ranking and have a lot of friends that are also available to PvMP on a regular basis. I was hoping it could be something to fill in the void until the Fall.

Let’s be honest though, I’ve been to Mirkwood for about 20 minutes. My minstrel did not like it there. Now that she’s got the regular Moria sets (Balladeer’s & Poet’s), has another level and more athelas potions, I might be able to make it through the basic quests without dropping an F-bomb in real life every 5 minutes. I think the fact that Firefoot is underpopulated might also have a lot to do with it. The mob population is worse there than it is in Moria. I dare you to get out of a camp, kill a mob and hit W for about 30 seconds without aggro’ing another group. It’s next to impossible. ANYHOOOOOOO.

Things I did this week:

  • Started a blog, YAY!
  • Skirmish Daily’s (Caerulean and Teq) for 3 days
  • Lorebook: Weaponsmith Guild, Scholar Guild, Tailor Guild
  • Laundry
  • 2 Sections off of Tolkien Professor’s Silmarillion lectures (Beren & Luthien are next)
  • Tried DDO (kinda failed? May be a post later)

And now Kiddo is asleep, 8am wakeup call with a Time Warner Cable appointment. Hopefully the modem will recreate the problems we’d been having all day Tuesday :/

Have a glorious foredawn!


1 thought on “Knock ‘em out

  1. Very nice job on those Lorebook pages!

    I’m pretty much feeling the same about DDO. It seems like a great game for those hardcore D&D guys, but as complicated as LotRO is, it seems much easier compared. Looking forward to that post.

    Good luck with your grind to and through Moria/Lothlorien..

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